Social Media for Brands

PrintWhy should brands utilize social media to promote their company/organization? As you may or may not know, social media is highly vital for organizations to use, as it comes with many advantages. First and foremost, everyone is currently using the Internet and it is a way of life. For instance, whether searching for a hotel online or seeking a certain restaurant, the Internet helps you connect to these places. Just last week when I was in Greece, my boyfriend and I were craving a delicious Greek salad. We searched on trip advisor to find out where our dreams would become reality. We read a series of reviews and ratings, and ending up going to the particular restaurant listed online. Here is just a minor example of how the Internet drives clientele and business. On the opposite end, organizations could benefit by listening to the reviews and ratings they received. For instance, if a restaurant was ranked low for their customer service, the owner should take note of this and make changes within the organization. This is beneficial for both the organization and the client simply because the organization could make these subtle changes within the workplace, while the client will ultimately receive more satisfaction. Social Media is highly valuable because it not only promotes the brand through word-of-mouth Ā information, but it enables organizations to grow and change in a positive manner due to what is being said online.

Additionally, when an organization has a presence on social media, their SEO is ranked higher up. For instance, I googled Ruby Media Group, a small public relations agency, to test this theory out. First to come up was the Ruby Media Group website; next was the Ruby Media Group Facebook account, Twitter account, Linked In Account, and YouTube account. Through just this one example, it is clear that having a social media presence increases your chances of having high rankings on Google. Watch this video of Kris Ruby herself discussing the role of social media in organizations today.

Using social media is valuable, as it not only creates a personal touch with their clients but it also enables them to participate and engage online. For instance, organizations will often create different promotions in order to gain a stronger presence online. One of my roommates abroad is a huge fan of the clothing company UNIF. They created a social media campaign asking their followers to upload a photograph on Instagram of them doing a good deed tagging the hashtag #UNIFdeeds. My friend, who is rather humorous, decided to plunge a toilet as her #UNIFdeeds. Other devoted followers posted photographs giving money to a homeless people on the street, donating clothes to a clothing drive, and helping with other local community service events. This was beneficial not only for the organization, but for the people participating. Overall, social media enables customers to engage online and build a presence through interaction and networking.


Finally, the last and most important argument I have is that social media is absolutely FREE. Joining Facebook and other social media accounts costs nothing, and the outcomes are monumental. Having a presence online enables you to reach a large audience, and connect with other virtually. In todays day and age, I would highly suggest organizations to be aware of social media and able to participate online in order to build a presence and engage with customers online.


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